12 maps of adventures in Outer space Open Terrains style. A creation inspired by my childhood daydreams, fantasies and love for science ficion and outer space. Fun with gravity too.

Space Terrains Beta

Moon - 2 maps of a trip to the moon

Mars - 2 maps with a mission to Mars.

Orbits - 2 maps. Float in space and jump from one orbitting asteriod to another

Asteroid - 2 maps. Ride an Asteroid through the nebula.

Titan - 2 maps. Journey to one of Jupiters moons.

Pluto - Visit the alien temple and discover the secret of Icehenge on Pluto

Enterprise - this silly map was a test to see a full scale Enterprise in game - floating fun though.

  Size: 10.7 MB

Space Terrains Skins

Official Space Terrain Skins by PKM - Don't venture out into the vacuum of space without these!

  Size: 1.63 MB

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