The War Legends
Rats in a trap

Rats in a trap - FFA conversion of m4l3

cvar "m4l3_falc" 1 switches to falc's m4l3

  Size: 9.2 KB

The Gas Facility

Close Combat Conversion of m6l3d

The Gas Facility

  Size: 2.8 KB


Check out this addon to PKMs Metal Gods map!

This is packed with 30 top Maiden and Priest Tunes that play in game - fire up the Domination mod and teams fight to hear their favorite band! Click here for PKMs MetalGods Map

  Size: 129 MB

Strategic Hold

Here is my Strategic Hold mod

Teams fight to hold strategic positions in the map for points. The FFA version is King of the Hill hold. Global script - add hold positions to your maps.

  Size: 165 KB

Steal the Beer

Here is my Global Steal the Beer script, inspired by LMAO King server

Steal your opponents Beers before they steal yours. Easily add steal the beer to your maps.

  Size: 7 KB

Smoke in MOHAA

smoke cigs in mohaa - global script

This mod adds smoking for your player. Examples in Southern France and Stalingrad. Easily add smoking to your maps.

  Size: 3 KB

Lighthouse obj m1l3c

Conversion of m1l3c - The Lighthouse spawnswap objective.

Teams for control of the lighthouse

  Size: 4 KB

Push mod m1l2b

Conversion of m1l2b - Moving spawn mod

Teams push the battle line to move their spawns forward.

  Size: 5 KB

Para mod t1l1

Para mod Conversion of t1l1 (spearhead)

Allies parachute from C47, Axis slaughter.

  Size: 6 KB

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