King of the Hill

King of the Hill_SH

FFA Battle for the King of the hill

SH - Spearhead version adds kills to the king

  Size: 331 KB


Close combat action is guaranteed in this confined warehouse

Over 100 custom maps at TWL and we spend the most time here.

  Size: 1.0 MB

3 close combat maps that I put together for a melee mod map pak. I included a bare hand weapon mod and a modified version of the Ruckus knife remade as a bash mod - models/weapons/punch.tik and models/weapons/stab.tik

Close combat map pak

dm/vipers_bashmadness - punch & jab

dm/bashmadness_sparta - Slice & stab

dm/bashmadness_sparta_night - all weapons, you choose.

  Size: 2.5 MB

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